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About The Grey Council
The Grey Council was formed the day Terokkar opened. Today we are a casual 10 man raiding guild who believe in raid efficiency combined with relaxed atmosphere and trusting one another. We currently raid three nights a week. Should you like to know more, please go to our forum and read the posts there or alternatively contact Taunting in game.
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WE'RE BACK!!! MoP Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6 Cleared

by Taunting, 1558 days ago

We're back! Tonight we killed the final boss in Mogu'shan Vaults. Still enough time left to check out the bosses on heroic before the next raid will hit MoP!!
Well done guys, great job! Keep an eye out for the upcoming HC kills! - Taunt

Full raid progress team: Palyos, Holybone, Iamnoangel, Clovern, Lex, Par, Nao, Kegrr, Ryddler, Frostyspeed, Ilstana, Joa, Xadua, Morinehthard!!
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Full raid progress team: Palyos, Holybone, Iamnoangel, Clovern, Lex, Par, Nao, Kegrr, Ryddler, Frostyspeed, Ilstana, Joa, Xadua, Morinehtar!!

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REALM FIRST - Deathwing HC is down!- Saviors of Azeroth -

by Taunting, 1755 days ago

YEAHHHHHH BABY!!! Realm First in the pocket!!!.. Alright, thats off my chest Happy... Tonight we defeated Madness Heroic after only 2 pulls. We had some practice the night before that with a diferent tactic which seemed to work great for us! But we did some hard work this patch and had a lot of realm first kills, so we couldnt let this one slip trough our fingers! Well done all! Awesome job and now onto the Pandarians and see what they have in store for us!!

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TGC at 7/8 HC!!! Spine HC defeated!

by Taunting, 1759 days ago

Tonight we tried a new tactic on Spine. We tried to go with 7 dps, 1 tank and 2 healers. We wanted to nuke the tendon down in one go, but it required too much practice and was an unreliable tactic. So we switched to our normal tactic and started of with a 20% wipe on the last tendon....The second try was a kill. So this one is added to the farmlist too now. Madness HC did seemed to be nerfed too much and it looks like we will get that kill tomorrow if everything goes right. Stay tuned!

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Fangs of the Father - Kegrr has the Legendaries!!!

by Taunting, 1762 days ago

Tonight Kegrr has finished his final part of the legendary quest and is now walking around with those two shiny new daggers! A big gratz to him! Time to show some sick dps m8!!!
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TGC to 6/8 HC!! Rngmaster HC went 'faceplant' down tonight!

by Taunting, 1802 days ago

With a 2% wipe on the second day, we thought this boss would be a joke. The next few raiding nights we found out this boss is the most annoying RNG SHIT-BOSS there is. "FIRE FIRE FIRE! MOVE QUICK!!" "But there was no fire there a second ago and we are already in fase 2 :/ ". Yes, not really sure if all that stuff is meant to be or if its just bugged. Anyway, the boss didn't get the best of us and after some more tries we we killed him (ofcourse)! I bet everyone is still having nightmares about the fire tho.

Gz guys! Well done!

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